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Cov19 Prevention Information

Measures and responsibility of GG Group for a transparent handling of the Cov19 pandemic.


Dear business partners,

The health and well-being of our employees is a top priority for GG Group and, in times of progressive virus infections in all countries where GG operates, must be balanced with the high responsibility towards our business partners.

In order to meet this requirement, numerous measures were taken at all GG Group locations at an early stage:

Intensified hygiene and safety measures
Avoidance of assemblies and meetings
Avoidance of business trips, switch to virtual meetings
Large-scale use of home office in all areas of the company, where possible
Implementation of reporting structures for suspicious cases
Regular internal communication to all functional levels
Implementation of the internal knowledge platform Health@GG to promote the exchange of best practice
Establishment of a targeted task force to coordinate measures across the company 
and many more

In accordance with our "Responsibility" value, we are committed to dealing with this special situation in a responsible, professional and transparent manner and accordingly ensure full transparency and a rapid information chain for our business partners. As of today, all GG Group plants are fully operational and production is maintained. Should this situation change or a deterioration be foreseeable, we will of course inform you immediately. If you have any questions on current topics or irregularities on your part, we ask you in return to contact us in due time. We believe in sustainable business relationships - before, during and after Covid-19!

With kind regards,

Eva Schinkinger / Holger Fastabend / Harald Buehren / Rudolf Schrayvogel / Ewald Koppensteiner
Board of Management


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