GG Group, are a lead­ing man­u­fac­turer of ca­bles, wires and ca­ble har­nesses for the au­to­mo­tive in­dus­try as well as for spe­cial in­dus­trial ap­pli­ca­tions.


We at GG live our vision to enhance people’s lives through energy and data transmission.

Relationships are about interaction and communication. They are the basis of any process, whether human or technical in origin. Our vision is to constantly ensure reliable and seamless energy and data transmission and to provide technology that is indispensable for our everyday lives. Passion is what drives us in order to create the best solutions for and in cooperation with our customers and partners, while continuously caring for our employees and act in the interest of our owners.

GG is one of the leading providers for data and energy cables and wires as well as harnesses for the automotive and industrial sector – and therefore is an innovator that shapes the future of the world.


Our mission is to ensure the interactions of the world for the people who live in it.

By providing wires and harness solutions for energy and data transmission, GG deals with two of the most precious commodities in our present and future:  Energy and information. GG is the linking piece that ties the world together.  Every day, millions of people come in contact with products innovated by us. We are the ones, that facilitate communication, enabling all forms of interchange and providing innovative solutions for energy and data transmissions in the automotive and industrial sector. We turn technology into action, helping accelerate business and bring people together.

Corporate Values


Good is not enough for us. We strive for excellence in everything we do and therefore we are not satisfied until we achieve the best. We constantly aim for perfection as we have a strong commitment to quality and reliability. More than 80 years of experience make us a leading partner in innovation and solutions for energy and data transmission. Many years of experience also resulted in GG being a pioneer and influencer in our industry. Whatever the circumstances are, GG is known as a problem-solver understanding different and diverse customers’ requirements. We live a zero defect policy to guarantee outstanding quality, which is also linked to continuous improvement and being a trustworthy partner to rely on. Customised trainings and continuing education are part of our corporate understanding and help our employees to expand their know-how everyday.

Human Focus  

It all starts with people. Our success is based on providing high-quality products but also on our strong focus on everybody involved in this process. We live a direct, open and trusting communication.
We believe in teamwork and a human-centred approach. We aim for maintaining strong relationships with our customers, partners, employees, suppliers, owners and other stakeholders. Producing excellent goods requires full dedication and commitment. Customer service is our top priority and will only be completed when the highest customer satisfaction is achieved. It is part of our philosophy to facilitate personal development of our workforce and sharpen their skills by customised trainings and continuing education. We provide a caring, safe and healthy working environment and encourage our employees to unleash and evolve their potentials.


Innovation leads us from the past to the future. It is a process all GG colleagues are part of, regardless of their field of operation or level. GG is proud to be a top company in the world for innovating data and industry cables and a huge variety of cable harnesses. Market leading in our industry, GG is known for being a specialist from start to finish. We are one of the few who are able to provide various products along the value chain: From raw materials to cable harnesses. Our core competence is to develop customer- and application-specific solutions for many particular challenges. Cutting-edge technology is what GG is about and is a result of being a pioneer and innovator in energy and data transmission for many years. E-mobility, autonomous driving and digitalization are our main focus for innovation and important drivers of development in our industry.



Being a leading global company also means taking responsibility. Responsibility and legal compliance for all our corporate activities, whether in an ethical, social or environmental way.  As a pioneer of its time GG wants to set an example in the way modern and future-orientated companies have to be managed. Our corporate policy includes a responsible use of resources in order to reduce adverse impact on the environment, enhancing that by optimising our production processes on a regular basis. 

We are not only aware of all our external activities but also looking for a healthy working environment internally. As a family-owned business we take care of our employees and remain a stable corporate structure that enables sustainable development within a durable framework. We keep a healthy balance between new opportunities and steady growth to maintain sustainability and progression to the same extent. 


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