Battery harnesses

We produce copper and aluminum battery harnesses for various temperature ranges. The harness design can be either flexible or solid depending on the application. Ground cables made of copper are available both as insulated cables or braids, where the latter are particularly suitable for higher requirements regarding flexibility and vibration resistance.

Our copper and aluminum harnesses are currently available with cross sections up to 240 mm². All common contacting technologies are used for copper wires. Because of the many years of experience we have with aluminum, we can offer a wide range of specific contacting technologies: plasma soldering, resistance soldering, and W3S (resistance butt welding). These technologies are constantly being refined and optimized.

In cooperation with automotive manufacturers, GG Group designs solutions that are optimized for limited spaces, such as round or flat wire constructions as well as special strand and cable constructions. Since GG Group produces both cables and harnesses, we benefit from valuable synergies.


Connection of battery to power supply unit / supply junction box / power distribution unit