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5G-GG – Enabling Data Transmission of the Future

Dr. Jonathan Silvano de Sousa and Dr. Stefan Gianordoli, Product Development at GG on data transmission and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things (IoT) comprehends the digitalization of everything: machines, factories, cities, houses, automobiles etc. It enables the full interconnection of everything and everyone and this phenomenon is happening now and everywhere in front of our bare eyes.

The amounts of generated data by each sensing or processing unit and the number of interconnections in this huge network increase drastically year after year. Thus, enhanced data processing and transmission is required.

Smart Cars

Current vehicles have more than 70 electronic control systems (ECUs) on average. Sensor and actuator systems such as mechanical transmissions, start-stop, anti-lock braking system (ABS), battery and recharging systems (for hybrid and e-cars) among many other are interconnected and continuously generating data for processing. Modern CAN data-transmission capabilities are on the 1MBit/s level. New generations of car-systems such as infotainment, autonomous driving (including Lidars and Radars and connected-cars (such as car-to-car and car-to-anything communications) have an ever increasing demand on much higher data-transmission capabilities. This is because the amount of data to feed powerful processing units is expected to rise too in the future.

Urban life, smart cities & factories

In the case of smart buildings, factories and cities, sensors installed to collect data work in a similar way like in the car but on a larger scale. The combination and interchange of information with communication technologies in association with physical devices such as cameras and sensors connected to the network increases the efficiency of the operation in cities, factories and buildings. Traffic, public transport, weather and crime prevention are examples of monitored systems in a smart city. In smart buildings and factories, the monitoring of illumination, air temperature and machinery operations can boost, for example, energy efficiency.

Higher Bandwidths

Roughly speaking, the transmission of large data amounts require higher and available, unshared bandwidth frequencies. The path is clear: in order to accommodate more data in an electromagnetic signal, one must send it through air and wires in higher frequency bands. This is the basic difference between 4G and 5G. 5G (short for 5th generation) is a transmission protocol, which operates in a band above the frequencies of the past generations. This bandwidth ranges from 3GHz up to 300GHz. Problems that are common in data transmission such as shielding, skin effect and signal decay over lengths become more challenging for these higher bandwidths. For this reason, GG works constantly on the development of cables by implementing new materials and an ever-increasing engineering expertise.

5G-GG Solutions

GG provides a broad range of customizable and miniaturized high frequency data cable solutions and Polymer Optical Fibers (POF) for automotive and industrial applications. Recent developments focus on cable optimization for automotive data signal technologies based on Ethernet defined in the Open Alliance TC-2, TC-9 and IEEE 802.3 for example. Our portfolio comprises solutions for applications such as digital radio, infotainment, GPS, WiGig, on-board cameras, car-to-car communication, USB 2.0, USB 3.x and many others.

Our cable technologies enable diverse data transfer protocols and a wide frequency range up to 20GHz presenting low losses and high reliability against heat and vibrations.
GG has the right solution for every special data transmission requirement. We are committed to be part of the IoT technological revolution by empowering reliable and fast 5G data transmission with our expertise, superior products and passion for our technology.

About GG Group (Gebauer & Griller)

We, GG Group, are a global group of companies that has been producing technically high-quality cables and wires for the automotive industry, elevator manufacturers and industrial applications for more than 80 years. Together with our customers, we work with passion to develop innovative and intelligent solutions for their challenges.
With technical solutions,GG Group aims at high quality and the precise fulfilment of customer requirements. Quality is not only the focus of our products and processes, but also of our technical competence in advising our customers.
With more than 4500 employees at 13 locations worldwide and an annual turnover of over € 500 million, GG Group is one of Austria's most successful family-owned industrial companies.


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Jonathan Silvano de Sousa, Product Development Manager at GG Group
Stefan Gianordoli, Senior Manager Product Design at GG Group
5G-GG Solutions for data transmission
GG CoSpeed Coax Cable
GG QuadSpeed HSD Cable

All Photo Credits: GG Group

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