Winding wires

Insulated round and flat wires made of copper and aluminum are used for large electronic machinery. Our winding wires for stator or rotor winding in generators such as electric engines or for windings in transformers are produced according to our customers’ specifications or international standards.

Our products are distinguished by the lowest tolerances and specifically defined mechanical features, which gives them the best processing characteristics for our customers.

With our production on state-of-the-art systems, exclusive procurement from long-time insulation material suppliers, and vast expertise in wire production, we can guarantee product quality that renowned customers rely on worldwide.

Winding wires for e-vehicles

Electric power units for vehicles call for extremely stringent winding materials due to their requirements.

Due to our specialization on the production of insulated flat copper wires, we were able to design products within a short period of time that meet exactly these requirements.

In particular, special wire geometries, special insulation, and highest possible electric voltage resistance are features that the winding material has for this application.

In addition to flat enamel wires with enhanced features, we were able to design round and flat wires with extruded insulation made of high-performing polymers.

This insulation provides excellent adhesion to copper wires and high aging resistance, thus enabling the use in electric motors that are subject to particularly high stress both thermally and mechanically.


  • Rotor and stator windings for power and wind generators, traction motors, high-voltage electric motors, vehicle power units
  • Windings for power, distribution and traction transformers