Round and flat wires, strips, bars and billets made of nickel and nickel-based alloys are used in various industrial segments. Our customers operate in industries ranging from welding, lamp and electronic component production, the chemical and petrochemical segment to the production of glasses.

We melt, draw, and roll wires from nickel, cobalt, and copper-based alloys, using all elements from the broad metal spectrum.

The huge production depth – from our own melting facility to state-of-the-art rolling mills – ensures a flexible response to special customer requirements regarding the chemical composition of the materials, special surface features, wire dimensions, or mechanical features.


  • Core wires for stick electrodes
  • MIG/TIG welding wire
  • Flux cored wires
  • Lead wires
  • Base material for profile wires
  • Armor of special cables
  • Spark plug wires