Production systems of Industry 4.0 require ever faster and more complex data transfer: Information is transmitted in real time and facilities must be able to react intelligently to each other. Cables and wires are the essential connecting network between the numerous components of an automated factory.


GG Group identified this trend from the beginning and offers, in addition to the traditional fieldbus cables, especially Industrial Ethernet cables that are perfectly adapted for applications in the harsh industrial environment. PROFINET, multi-pair IE cables from Cat.5e to Cat.7A, as well as Single Pair Ethernet cables (SPE) form the basis for a successful implementation of industrial data communication in IIoT.


Industrial data cables from GG Group impress with their excellent quality in terms of data transmission, reliability, flexibility and robustness. We offer the right cable for every purpose - from AS-Interface to PROFINET applications - cables with standard copper or via fiber optic cables. The majority of our cables are approved according to globally recognized standards.


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Customized solutions 

Based on our customers’ specifications, we offer individual solutions  within our production capabilities.

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