Mission statement


Gebauer & Griller is a global, family-owned business group, which produces technically advanced high-quality wires and harnesses for automotive, elevator and industrial applications. We work passionately with our customers to develop innovative and intelligent solutions to their challenges, together.

  • GG leads through passion in energy & data transmission.


We want to ensure our position as a competent supplier by developing and expanding our resources in R&D. Access to new markets is achieved through the expansion of our capacities, thereby creating an efficient and sustainable base for the global supply of our customers.

  • GG is a committed partner for our customers.
  • GG connects people to create & deliver innovative wire Solutions.

Our values

  • Customer satisfaction

Our goal is to achieve long-term customer relationships with strong partners. As problem solvers, we excel on a technical and service level, even under the most challenging circumstances. For us, the customer-centered approach means being accessible for individual issues and expanding our production sites to be in close proximity to our customers. We are proud to have numerous major automotive and plant manufacturers as well as mechanical engineering companies among our customers.

  • Highest quality standards

Our technical solutions aim at superior performance and the precise fulfillment of our customers’ requirements. We have a zero-error policy and thrive for the highest quality standards and perfection. We implement this policy through our own test laboratory and external certifications. Quality is our top priority not just for our products and processes but also our technical competence when assisting our customers.

  •  Employee empowerment

We also believe in long-term partnerships with our employees. We support our entire workforce in their personal development to become skilled leaders and specialists by offering customized training and long-term development activities. Employee surveys are conducted on a regular basis and serve as an important feedback tool to be able to further improve our employees’ working conditions. We are renowned worldwide as a safe and reliable employer at our locations. Diversity plays an important role. At our Austrian locations alone, we have employees from more than 30 countries.

  • Commitment to research and innovation

We are the technical pioneer in our three key markets - automotive, industrial and elevators. Our core competence is the development of customer- and application-specific solutions. We actively utilize synergies between the various sectors. Thanks to the vertical integration of our processes from raw materials to cable harnesses, our specialists can consider the requirements of the entire supply chain.  

  • Stability thanks to ownership structure

From its establishment in Vienna more than 75 years ago to its expansion into an international corporate group, Gebauer & Griller has always remained a family-owned business. Profits are reinvested so that growth is promoted from the group’s own resources. Our ownership structure lets us make swift decisions if required.

  • Sustained growth

Gebauer & Griller has grown steadily in recent years and opened many international locations. We strive for a great balance between pursuing new opportunities and ensuring sustained growth.

  • Occupational safety and health

 All employees are interested in a safe and healthy work environment; such an environment also forms the basis for our economic success. This is why compliance with all labor-law regulations, consistent improvement of work safety and corporate health management are a key part of our corporate policies. We regularly provide information and safety campaigns at our plants to prevent accidents. Most of our plants have already been certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001.

  • Environmental responsibility

Our corporate policy includes a careful use of resources and the reduction of adverse environmental effects. By consistently optimizing our production processes and raising employee awareness, we continue to reduce the environmental impact and create a basis for the responsible use of raw materials.

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